Questions we've been asked and our responses
We want to get renovations done on our home but don't know where to start? Great question to ask early in the process if your not sure of what to do. We recommend contacting Baldwin Constructions first to listen to your ideas. if the project is something we can help you with we'll ask a few questions and arrange a time to look at your project with you.
How much will it cost and what's your square metre rate?

Renovations and additions can be very complex or sometimes straight forward.

Costs vary greatly with each project as no two homes are the same so it's not possible to have a guesstimated rate for your job, We've explained this more in one of our videos which will be available to view shortly on this site.

Do I need building approval?

If your adding more floor and roof area to your home or altering the existing structure by more than 20% you need building approval.

Re-stumping or raising a home also requires approval.

Renovating an existing bathroom or installing a new kitchen generally does not need approval but does require QBCC Home Warranty Insurance here in Queensland once the labour and material costs are greater than $3300.00

A Builder told me that we have to get our plans drawn before they would quote the job, is this right?

We don't agree with this approach at all. In our opinion we'd much rather go through our process with our clients in the early stages and evaluate what your wants and needs are for your dream home renovations.

With our experience in renovations we can help highlight possible problem areas, suggest alternative options and factor in your budget allowance to make sure your not spending too much of your hard earned dollars on design plans that will only have to get changed at your expense or perhaps never get built because the proposed design can't be done within your budget.

Can I use my own Electrician or Plumber or other sub trade?

Our preferred method is to use our regular sub trades who have been selected due to their competency, quality of work and reliability. 

We believe that the process will be less stressful and time consuming for yourself in that you are dealing only with us. As the builder we look after organising the sub trades as required and should there be any problems you talk to us, not a second or third party.

Should there be an agreement made to use one or more of your preferred trades be mindful that any delays or hold ups may end up with penalty costs being back charged to you for these delays. 

Can we still live in our home while the renovations are done?

With smaller projects sometimes the owners can stay but this will need to be evaluated on each job.

We are committed to our workers safety as much as we are to yours and will not compromise the safety of you and your family for the sake of a few nights off site accommodation.

Be aware also that the build time will be reduced greatly on larger projects if we have clear access to the job. This saving alone could outweigh the costs of off site accommodation for a couple of weeks and allow you to enjoy your dream home renovations earlier.