Our Process

Initial Contact

You have made contact with us via phone, email, website, referral or even from our site or vehicle signage information. What we "WILL DO" next is contact you within One Business Day - Guaranteed.

Follow Up Communication

We will ask you a few critical questions to understand fully the great ideas you have to renovate or extend your home.

Need advice?  Not sure where to start? We will arrange with you a site visit to go through your project and offer assessment and professional advice as each renovation project is unique to your home and your land...it's one of a kind!

You will need to be open and clear with us about your actual budget and the must have and would like inclusions you'd like to achieve within that budget.

As renovation professionals we will advise you of what we feel will be able to be achieved for your budget there and then.

The right advice is priceless at the planning stage of your project and could save you many thousands of dollars further down the track.

Preliminary Design Proposal

We prefer to talk to our clients before plans have been drawn. A walk through of your project can highlight possible design issues which may lead to budget "blowouts" or even possible non-commencement of your project if the design is unachievable within your budget.

Don't waste money on drawings and designs which may have to be redone at great expense if critical structural or building issues have been overlooked.

We will develop a proposal for you to have Preliminary Drawings ready to be viewed within 10 to 15 working days. The fee for this proposal will vary as each renovation project is unique to you and your property - no two the same!

Once our Preliminary Design Proposal is agreed to and signed by both parties we will meet with you and go through any changes or amendments you may have and then provide an extensive estimate only price for construction costs of your project.  

 Preliminary Agreement

This allows us to proceed with the gathering of information and completion of several agreed tasks to take your project to the fully quoted stage ready for building of your project to begin.

A Preliminary Agreement is not a regulated contract, meaning that the agreement does have flexibility and is not as binding as a regulated contract between an owner and builder. The agreement sets out any costs associated with the obtainment of site surveys, soil tests, plans and engineering designs, associated local council development permits that may be required and building approvals.

We will meet with you and discuss and accurately document a detailed specification specific to your building project and tailored to suit your budget.

Presentation of the completed Project Specification and our extensive Fixed Price Construction Proposal to you will be the final step of the Preliminary Agreement process. 

Proposal Acceptance and Contract Signing

You will now have our detailed proposal and specifications. These comprehensive documents will enable you to make an informed decision on the factual costs and inclusions for your project.

Once the Construction Proposal is agreed to by both parties the next step is the signing of a Building Contract. The Contract will include all your Specifications, Plans and Design details relevant to your specific project. We use Master Builders Residential Contracts and supporting documents throughout the building of your unique renovations or extensions.

On the day of signing the Contract a 5% deposit will be required to be paid and any finance arrangements will need to be finalised. It's preferred that pre-approval for finance be obtained in the earlier stages of this process to help avoid commencement delays of your build.

 Building Approval 

 Building Approval is obtained through a Private Building Certifier. All documents are presented to them along with the required supporting documentation for your build.

This process will normally take between 10 to 20 working days depending on the complexity of the application and any conditions that may apply to your property.

Construction Begins

Once Building Approval is received your project will begin within the dates agreed to in your Contract. You will be kept informed along the way and regular site meetings will take place as required.

Our qualified team and selected subcontractors and suppliers will ensure the smooth completion of your lifestyle changing project within the Contract timelines.

Practical Completion and Handover

It's Here! The completion of your project.

Once Practical Completion stage is achieved we will forward to you the relevant notices and the final progress claim for payment.

A detailed inspection and walk through will take place with you. All paperwork will be drafted and once any agreed items are rectified the project will be re-inspected to ensure your newly completed custom renovation is defect free. Before handover we will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your project and answer in detail any questions you may have.

At this stage final payment is due and once received all warranties, manuals and instructions will be presented to you along with the keys to your newly renovated home for you to start to enjoy.

Our relationship with you will not stop there. We will attend to any agreed serious issues, should they occur, within 24 hours or less for the first 6 months and contact you at the regulatory 6 month defect liability period to ensure you are 100% happy with your custom renovation project.

The only thing left for you to do now is to enjoy your newly renovated home and the lifestyle changes that have been created for you.